RS485 over IP Pool Controller

Hey guys,

I have a pool controller that is controlled by a RS485 interface. I’m using a USR-TCP232-304 Ethernet to RS485 adapter ( that is working great to send commands using Hercules (

The commands i use are like this:

There is no CR/LF. The RS485 controller detects the semicolon as the end of command and it works.

Now, my question is: What is the easiest way to control this under Vera? I would like a “Remote” like appearance, as it was a TV Remote or something, where each button sends a different command (maybe as toggle buttons) and if possible change the button status accordingly (the HIDRO1:?; get the current status as 0 for OFF and 1 for ON).

Is this possible to accomplish in Vera UI? I’ve done something very close to this in the past using Fibaro Home Center, but i don’t know how to create a “virtual device” like Fibaro’s in Vera.

Please help

If you want a low friction solution, look for multi switch plugin. It’ll work on mobile apps as well.

You should be able to send commands with the buttons, via scene or code.

But how do i “assign” commands to the multi-switch buttons?

As I said:

not very helpful. What i meant to say was…in Fibaro i can create Virtual Devices and assign buttons to them. Then, in each button, i can assign code to be executed, either in LUA or direct command (like for globalcache). But i’ve seen no place in Vera where i can do something like that. Is there any guide or something alike to help?

What i needed is to assign each button a command to be executed over a telnet connection.

In vera you can create a scene that can be triggered by the multi switch, in the scene you can add lua code.

or you can add a code function to start up code and listen for a multi switch variable and action code depending which variable changes etc

It’s a standard control, so you could create a scene and execute some code.

Or, you’d use reactor plug-in. Or write some code to directly handle the control.

All that said, a better solution will be this one:

You could create how many buttons you want and code could be easily written. Search for luup variable watch to find more about coding against sl_sceneactivated variable.

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