Schalge autolock after unllocked stae for 5 minutes

I really need help setting up my shclage locks to relock after 5 minutes and thats all any help would be greatly appreciated also first time user.

You will likely need pleg or reactor to make this work because it involves a conditional timer. You should also have a door sensor to make sure you don’t extend the bolt on an open door…which will eventually damage the frame and/or the lock when someone closes the door without noticing the extended bolt.

Short form, you set a trigger on the door being closed and a trigger on the door being unlocked. You make a “lock door” scene that fires when pleg/reactor attribute “lockdoornow” is true.

Lockdoornow is an event that fires when tdoorclosed=true, tdoorunlocked=true and time(tdoorclosed>5minutes)

I am afraid I can’t find my pleg exports since I moved off vera or I could give you the specific commands but I expect that the pleg/reactor forms have examples you can use.

What steps do I need to do I’m really new at this and this setup is very important is there a step by step I can follow. Would be greatly greatly appreciated.

If you install Reactor I’ll be happy to help you get your logic set up.

I installed now what steps do I need to thank you very much

Before we proceed, look at your installed version, and make sure it is 3.0. If not, please upgrade. That 3.0 version was just released this morning; it may or may not upgrade automatically (and there’s a time component to the auto upgrades as well). Let’s make sure we know where we are starting from.

Go to Apps > My Apps and click the “Details” button on the Reactor row.

I don’t try and mess with getting any sort of trigger. I just issue a lock command every 15 minutes and it locks if it’s open, nothing happens if it’s already locks.