Schlage BE469ZP Polling Issues

I have 4 BE469 (non Z wave plus) locks around my house that poll just fine and never have the can’t detect device error when I try unlocking or locking. Recently bought the Z wave plus version and had some troubles pairing, had to bring the vera right next to it to configure, but got it included in the network fine. Whenever I try to unlock/lock the door through the vera the door will unlock but when the vera tries to poll it the lock doesn’t respond and then I either get ‘timed out waiting for device response’ or ‘cant detect device’. I have followed @rafale77’s z wave optimization codes and configuration but that hasn’t helped this one lock. Im using a vera plus running 7.30 and the lock is has fairly good connection with the Vera, I even added a range extender in-between in hopes that would help, which it didn’t. Anyone having similar issues with the Z wave plus lock? Any recommendations?

can anyone provide any insight? Anyone using this model and is able to successfully poll it?

Just want to check on something: Is the device polling properly when you are not trying to actuate it? Or does it fail polling even when you manually try?
The vera indeed does a poll on locks (same thing with the Yale) to verify whether the lock has indeed changed “status” because it takes time for it to match the “target” value. I am wondering if the failure is due to the fact that the device is still actuating and/or refusing the poll frame because it has a built in timeout to block messages. The messages you are getting are indeed expected if polling fails. It appears that you are able to send commands to it fine. When you manually actuate it, does the vera display the change of status?

It never polls, regardless if I send an unlock/lock command (which successfully unlocks/locks) or if I manually poll the device. By manual I’m assuming you mean if I physically go and unlock the lock. When I do so the Vera shows the correct status most of the time.


No manually polling means going into the device menu/advance/commands/poll now.
This makes the vera poll the device manually.

Try this and see if the polling is correct. If the device updates its status then you don’t have a network RF issue. The two devices contact one another properly. Your problem appears to be the timing of the polling as I suspect. The new lock may have a blackout period when it is executing a lock/unlock command. This could be addressed with a scene. Once we confirm, you could open a ticket and have this fixed in the firmware.

Oh sorry my mistake. Even when polling the device manually, I get “timed out waiting for node to reply”. But still am able to send it unlock/lock commands which puzzles me.

Hmm then it is something else. Have you looked at the manual of your lock? Is there a parameter in there which maybe disables responses to polling? It seems like your lock responds to everything except the polling.

I’ve had a look at the parameters in hope that was the issue but nothing. I’m starting to think I have a defective unit. The last thing I’m going to try is bring my VP right next to the lock, last time I did that I got the xmas tree lights though…

You clearly don’t have an RF issue if you are able to get the lock to respond to a lock/unlock command. There is no need to bring it closer to try. You likely have a defective unit. The Xmas tree light is a random thing occurring at reboot.

I’ll contact Schlage then and get a replacement, thanks for the help!

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