Silicon Labs & Ezlo Announcement on the world's first Zwave 700 series Hub


You are second on the Puck Melih ,Hubitat has had one out for half a year …


That’s correct. Hubitat uses the 700 chip. Maybe a little clarification is needed on this. The title states “World’s” first hub. Does it state this because the Ezlo hub will be available worldwide and Hubitat is not?

Clarity would be helpful or a simple title edit.

Ezlo hubs will be rolled out globally.

Awesome. Thanks for clarifying.

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Just for clarification when comparing with Hubitat.
Ezlo has 4 different types of Controllers with different price points.
Ezlo Plus ($47) is the one that maps to Hubitat’s C7 ($129)

Hubitat is sold worldwide… In fact when you have the 700chip you can change frequenc in the software. Is that enabled in Ezlo plus/sec ? @melih Its very Nice! 47 is very cheap!!!

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One thing I liked about Vera was that it had an phoneapp… Hubitat only has a Dashboardapp , dont know why…

Moreover phoneapp with support of local mode and automatical switching between local and cloud modes.

yes… (Hubitat has automatic also in dashboard app ) But in Hubitat you can not access many settings and rule editing via cloud, only local and that’s also a thing that’s nice in Vera/ezlo

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yes, thats because we have built a whole new Stack in our firmware to give access to it all both locally as well as via cloud. We don’t want to limit our users or developers.

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