Something weird going on


I have a device that keeps turning on at 1pm every day, and I can’t work out why. I do have scenes that operate this device, but I have checked them and they aren’t the cause. How do I find out what is going on?

By the way, I’m using a Vera 3

Thanks in advance

maybe u have a ghost scene - check the invoke

Thanks for your help. I did a check and it all seems fine. I think what I’ll do is delete the device and re-add it and hopefully that will disconnect anything that is linked to it that shouldn’t be.

How would you do that, richie? I sometimes have some odd things going on and have never been able to find out what called the action.



http://vera IP:3480/data_request?id=lu_invoke


Thanks for that


Very nice. +1.

A little over an hour before it’s 1pm, so I’ll soon know if it worked. The device I am using is RF433 so I think it could be possible that my neighbour has something using the same frequency on a timer, so I’ve changed the device with another RF433 one and with the scenes I have I substituted the old switch with the new one.

1pm came along and the switch turned on grrr I’m not sure what to do. The new device would have a new ID so the issue can’t be associating with it that way.

Any tips on what I should do next are greatly appreciated!

did you remove and re-add the switch and rename it?

Do you have other things in the house such as Smart TV’s? Alexa? or other smart app’s that can run without the vera? I have had the same thing happen here and found it was the other app’s doing it.

Thanks so much for everyone’s replies!

I figured out the problem. I bought 6 rf433 power plugs and I made an Arduino to control them. I had the frequencies set too close to each other and they were interfering with each other. I had my fish tank lights setup to turn on at 1pm and it must have been that plug that had the similar frequency because that’s when the pool pump would also turn on. I’ve since reprogrammed them and they are now working as they should.

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thats pretty dope

Learned something new, but how do I use it to view for ghost scenes? (I have a similar thing happening, trying to find out why a specific powersocket keeps turning on during the day time, when the specific scene only runs at 2300)

is there anything else set up to run at that time?

I don’t know when it turns on, as it is in a different room, so I walk by at random times and notice it is on… :wink:

I had to get rid of my 433 mhz, at least for pet care (lizard lights/heat). Too much neighborhood interference. I re-purposed them for functions at my office, where there is little 433 mhz interference.