Sonos 2.1 Stable Branch

As of today, the Sonos stable branch on Github contains the following:

  • The TTS UI now includes all action parameters, and shows the action generated.
  • New action urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:Sonos1/AcquireGroupControl to become group controller of a zone’s current group.
  • New action urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:Sonos1/DelegateGroupControl to delegate group controller authority to another zone (Zone parameter must contain a single zone UUID or zone name).
  • Azure TTS now works for Vera3/Lite. It is necessary to switch the “Requestor” in the TTS settings to “curl”.
  • Change the order of operations and use a temporary mute and volume ramp during post-TTS/alert recovery. It was reported that in some cases, the previous media was being resumed at excessive volume (TTS/alert volume) for a second or two before it recovered. This never happened to me, but I think these changes will fix it for those that do.
  • Support extra fields for MaryTTS, in case there’s more that needs to be passed on the URL that isn’t preconfigured/canned.
  • Remove bogus 1.x defaults from TTS initialization, masking real defaults now in effect.
  • Fix: soft-wrap text input field for TTS tab on Sonos device.
  • Improve media player display and queue contents accuracy.
  • Hotfix 20149-01 and -02: Fixes for parsing of lists (favorites, etc.) missing last entry (caused more streaming/radio problems).
  • Hotfix 20147-01: Fix for service metadata not being correctly reloaded (affects streaming/radio playback).

DEFEATURE: The setting of a chime volume as the third parameter of the TTSChime state variable will no longer be supported. The TTS chime sound will play at the specified volume for the speech audio. Users can control relative volume of the chime by ensuring that the amplitude of audio in the chime audio file is adequate (most audio editors will allow you to make this adjustment).

I’ve spent a good bit of time testing group functionality, and smoothing out some issues there. Sonos has some interesting behaviors, not the least of which includes some pregnant pauses when performing certain group operations. I’ve tried to “smarten up” the grouping as much as possible to minimize the number of interactions needed with the zone player(s), but there’s only so much I can do. These pauses affect the performance of all group operations, and in particular, may delay the start of TTS. But this version should do better than the prior version 2.0, in any case. I’ve also introduced two new actions to make group management easier if you choose to do it yourself.

Still on my plate before this version is released is a complete revision of the grouping UI. The current one is close to the original and I find it equally obtuse.

Some of you may already be on the new Sonos “S2” firmware. I can’t get there, because I have some old zone players that they will not support on S2, so for the moment, I will need to rely on community testing and remote debugging for S2. But so far, so good. I’m watching the other well-known Sonos open source projects for discussion of issues.


Is this where a new capability finally beats you? :wink:


Failure to anticipate consequences in this case. Given the structure of the plugin and its communication with the device, there is no earthly way for me to reliably change the volume from the chime level to the voice level at the right time. The Sonos itself can have delays in sending UPnP events, so the media change notification between the chime and speech audio can be delayed, so the volume will be wrong for part (or all) of the audio. Fixing that would not only require a complete rewrite of the plugin, but would also have side-effects that make the cure worse than the disease. So, off with it’s head.

Wow I thought it was a typo! Just looked it up. Every day’s a school day!


Yeah, maybe “un-feature” would be more appropriate…

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will test on S2

Testing with S2, no problems encountered so far.

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