Sonos sound file location on vera or usb

I have setup where Sonos plugin (depending on scene) plays several sound effect mp3 files located on home network NAS. It worked fine until NAS decided to break down. Since it is not the first time network or NAS is creating sound file accessibility problems, I think it would be more dependable if files are located “locally” so to speak. Since files are small size, I was wondering if it can be placed internally in one of the VeraPlus directories or USB flash drive attached to Vera. If so what would be the url to link sonos plugin to the soundfile.mp3 located on USB drive inserted in to VeraPlus.
My current sonos sound file url is:
Thank you in advance for your input.

I can’t find the thread, but Rigpapa answered that question a few weeks back.

Search on Rigpapa posts produced no result that would answer the question.

Thanks for the response, but after following the advise I still cannot make it work. This is what I did:

  1. Uploaded sound file to /etc/cmh-ludl/ on the Vera using WinSCP
  2. In Scene in Advanced Editor I selected Sonos Device and PlayURI from services.
  3. In field that is named “URIToPlay:” I typed “http://VeraIP/port_3480/soundfile.mp3” without quotes, “Volume” set to 100.
    When I run scene file is not playing.
    Any advise?

Did you change to:

  1. your Veras IP?
  2. the right filename?

I use this to have a virtual dog bark when someone is trespassing on my yard and we´re not home. My mp3, called Dog.mp3, gives me this modification:

I just tested this myself and it works as expected for me, URL format as @Ematic shows above.

I would also check your Vera log file (http://veraip/cgi-bin/cmh/ and search for the logged PlayURI actions (use the browser’s in-page search feature), and make sure the scene editor hasn’t somehow mangled the URL. I doubt it, but worth a look. Other issues may become evident when you find those.

For some unknown reason file was not playing in the beginning. I re-entered and saved the links following @rigpapa advice and file is playing now.
I noticed that this method of storing sound files on VERA while more dependable than NAS, has storage limitations.
I ran into sound file size problem, when uploading it to Vera. My sound file is 1.9mb in size, and I was getting WinSCP error message that “unit is full” or something to that effect. Had to upload smaller sound file instead, which worked as per above.
Anybody ran in to storage limitations when uploading files to Vera? What size have you been able to upload? Thank you all very much for your help.

Yes, filling that partition is not good, and should be avoided. It may, in fact, result in corruption of your user_data, the core data structure that tracks pretty much everything on Vera.

The “file from /etc/cmh-ludl/” method is necessary because that’s how TTS works. Were it not for TTS, I would remove it, because of the inherent risks.

@rafale77 's scripts that move the contents of this directory (among others) to USB storage are definitely the way to go if this is something you really want to do. I would not otherwise leave anything but the smallest sound files on Vera native storage. Otherwise, if you feel a need to play your 320Kbps MP3 of Master of Puppets from Vera directly, you’re going to have a bad time.

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Thank you @rigpapa.

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