Strange Color Behavior

I have a system with about 20 Hue bulbs around the house. I am running the latest firmware that FINALLY! just released. This is a system that I am configuring for a client so there is no previous history. The bulbs have been installed on Vera for a couple of months but this is the first time I’ve had to get into it.

When I go to an individual bulb in teh Vera devices and change the color in the pallette, it doesn’t change. I can only dim. When I run scenes from the plugin not all the bulbs are the same color. But the problems are not consistent. So if I run “Tropical Twilight” maybe bulb 4 & 5 in that room are off color. Then I run “Arctic Blue” in teh dame room and this time it’s buls 1 & 3 that aren’t right.

The plugin says it’s teh latest available. Any ideas?

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