Sunset problem with DST changing tonight


Hi all. Couple of minutes ago I noticed that luup.sunset() is returning 1554052907, which is Sunday 31 March 2019 17:21:47. Basically, today it’s not returning sunset correctly, but it’s returning tomorrow. Here in Europe, DST will change tonight. Is that a bug?

/me, with my wife shouting at me because it’s all dark outside



So, curious how it went, all fine with the sunset time and the wife :wink:. Don’t think there is a bug. All the years I have been using Vera it only encountered this DST issue once. For me it switchd time correctly and all lights went on again this morning (pfff dark outside).



oh, all went well, since I can manually set an override.
only problem was with sunset, sunrise was calculated OK.

but, in 2019, (as a software developer myself) I found very strange that a software can’t deal with DST.