TKB in wall switches clicking non stop

Have had two in-wall TKB TZ78 switches fail in recent weeks. Started clicking in middle of night and did not stop. Anyone know what the cause may be? Just as you think your setup is actually working …

Genuine hardware failure?

If you power cycle them, does that fix the problem?

In a rentals with guests so not sure when I can test. It disturbed them that much both sets of guests had to sleep in the living room. Have taken out for time being. Thing is they are connected to panel heaters (not needed at the mo in summer) and it worries me these switches would be turning the panel heater on and off all night.

Hi powisquare I’ve come across the clicking sound you’re talking about a few times, each time after a power loss (power outage). In my cases when there was that clicking sounds it was not turning the switch on and off, the switch was turned on and could not be turned off. I found turning of the breaker to the switch for 30 seconds and then turning the breaker back on solve the issue. The switches still worked after.


Thanks TDehnke - do you have the TKB switches also?

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