To update or not to update.. That is the question!

Did the last f/w upgrade truly fix the memory issues and this new nag can be safely dismissed by performing the upgrade of the f/w or shall I contact support and have them do it remotely as I’ve done in the past? Do I need this update? If not can I get rid of the nag?

I updated my Vera Plus a couple of weeks ago with no issues or noticeable differences.

My Harmony Hub Plugin quit working…

I updated my VP just fine and the harmony hub plugin works just fine. It may have stopped working for you (probably unrelated to the FW update), but for the rest its working just fine

I have had similar experiences with the Harmony app. After checking the IP address, if I do a LUUP reload, the error goes away.

Reloading the Engine did not fix the problem.

This worked for me as well, had a pretty similar issue.

i strong advise against updating

A little late now!

Why would you advise against updating? Did you have an issue with the update?

I’m also considering updating my Vera Plus. Why wouldn’t you recommend it?

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