Toggle state for blinds (with stop command between them)


The ToggleState action (under HaDevice1 on the Scenes) is amazing!!!

It works great on lights… Now I have a difficulty with blinds. How to make it up, stop and down with the same button? The ToggleStates only changes between opening and closing them… How can I stooped it on the same button?

If I created a scene for blinds and in the advanced editor use the ToggleState command that you can find on the HaDevice1 services, every time I trigger that scene the blinds go all the way up or down. I need to configured another trigger (or button) to stop it…

Any ideias?


Have a look at the Tri-State Switch.
YOU can set ON-OFF-Nothing with it.
Nothing = Stopped On = UP & OFF = DOWN


Where can I find that “tri-state switch”? I look it up on the scenes advanced configurations, on the devices and on the Apps and couldn’t find it.


Switchboard plugin


Hi rigpapa. Thank you for your suggestion.

I was exploring the switchboard plugin (which I think is yours now that I compare your nickname with the stated site) but was unable to find the “tri-state switch” mode or how to change it for that behavior. I was able to create a virtual binary switch only.

How can I create a tri-state switch?

Thank you very much for your help and have a nice weekend.


I found your original post and follow the instrutions and have made a tri-state. Sorry for bother you with the last question… Will try now to make it work with my shutters using only one button on the remote…


This actually concerns me. If by “original post” you mean the one that has you going in and manually changing the attributes of an existing virtual switch, that is now the incorrect way to get it done, and will not leave you with a complete, working tri-state switch.

The correct way to create a tri-state switch (or any type) is through the UI provided on the Switchboard master device’s Control tab. At the bottom of the list of virtual devices you will find a menu that lets you choose the switch type, and a button that says “Create New Virtual Device”. For current versions of Switchboard, this is what you must use to correctly create a new tri-state switch (or binary, or dimmer).


Thank you for your attention. After I read the post till the end, I manually installed the latest version and created a tri-state switch with the Switchboard master device UI and now all works fine!

Thank you very much for your help.