Trigger Nest Home/Away in Scene

I am trying to set my Nest thermostat to home or away using scenes. Vera portal shows a device with option to manually toggle between home and away, but that device is not available in when creating a scene. Is there another way to do this, perhaps through advanced editor?

100% hacky, not supported, unofficial and so on, but I have this code and it’s working ok since the first days of the official plugin (almost 3 years ago):

luup.call_action("urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:VeraConnectWWN1", "SetStructure", { newStructureValue = mode }, 33)

where mode is “away” or “home” (case sensitive) and 33 is the device ID of the Nest Away/Home device.

I have since disabled the auto away feature and use Vera’s scenes, linked to my alarm, to change mode (and auto magically override it when it’s super cold outside, to keep the furnace ON even if I’m away).

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Just in case you did not know.

Works beautifully. Thank you!