Usb battery to power box

Have any of you ever tried to put a usb battery (to charge smartphones) to power your box (EzloPlus or VeraPlus) to have an emergency power supply?

I have a UPS, but why not? The only problem I see is that you’ll not get the battery level, so when the battery will die, you’ll not have any warning.

The problem of these USB power boxes is that you can’t charge and use it at the same time (at least I haven’t seen anyone who can). So you can’t use them as UPS.

I have one of those. Search for pass-through charging.

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Good to know that there are now some. At that time I looked in vain for one.

yes it is sure that there is no information as on an ups, but it takes much less space and certainly less expensive too.
I thought to use this type of cord, simple, the transformer gives electricity to the battery and to the box, when there is no more electricity it is the battery which debits towards the box.


I will still keep my old inverter and replace it with a new one before it fails. What model of inverter are you using?

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