Use of Fibaro SmartImplant to Control BFT Gate Controllers

I am trying to set up Fibaro Smart Implant on my Vera Plus.
I have installed the device and paired it on my network. I’ve used the luup code given in other posts to configure the device. I just can’t get the device to do what I want it to do.
I intend to use the IN2 with a reed switch indicating whether the gate is closed, ie IN2 = 1 then gate is closed.
I would then like to use OUT1 to the N.O. contacts for gate close, and OUT2 to the N.O. contacts for gate open.
Can anyone assist me to solve this problem.
The device is currently set up with the IN2 connect to the reed switch, but I haven’t connected the outputs.
I have set the variables as follows:
21-IN2 mode is set to 0
52-IN2 value for ON set to 1
52-IN2 value for OFF set to 0

I can’t see the IN2 value in my Vera devices page…
Any help would be appreciated.

I used a Fibaro single switch set to momentary to achieve this - doesn’t indicate the gate status, but then they usually close automatically after a set time

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