Use Qubino I2 input to trigger scene


New to the whole home automation thing and obviously also new vera user, so apologies for silly question.
I have installed a few Qubino flush dimmer units and was planning to use these both as simple dimmers but also to use the I2 (and possibly also I3) inputs to trigger various simple scenes, e.g. to turn on outdoor lights etc.

After some tweaking, I have managed to activate the I2 inputs (parameter 100 set to 9) so that they appear as motion sensors. Both the I1 and I2 inputs are connected to separate buttons on a momentary light switch. The I1 input works fine for dimming, but I’m unable to get the I2 input to trigger a scene. Specifically, I want the I2 input to turn turn on or off a light connected to a NodOn plug, but it seems nothing happens when I flick the switch.

Anyone with similar experience getting I2 or I3 inputs on a qubino unit to work as triggers in a scene?