Using ALTHUE with Hue Dimmer without any Hue Lights

I’m trying to get ALTHUE to connect to a Hue V2 bridge and a couple of Hue Dimmer Switches. The Hub pairs and the two Hue Dimmer Switches appear as devices but I continually get “Can’t Detect Device” errors on the parent ALTHUE device. I’m guessing it isn’t continuing and trying to get other information as it is unable to access light info (I can’t get any scenes to trigger from the device triggers)

Log shows
luup_log:428: ALTHUE: warning: Communication failure with the Hue Hub; msg: <0x76068520>
50 08/16/20 20:05:44.114 luup_log:428: ALTHUE: debug: After Lights, success is : false <0x76068520>
50 08/16/20 20:05:44.114 luup_log:428: ALTHUE: debug: programming next refreshHueData(428) in 10 sec <0x76068520>
50 08/16/20 20:05:44.115 luup_log:428: ALTHUE: debug: refreshHueData returns success is : false <0x76068520>
50 08/16/20 20:05:54.100 luup_log:428: ALTHUE: debug: refreshHueData(428,false) <0x76068520>
50 08/16/20 20:05:54.101 luup_log:428: ALTHUE: debug: ALTHueHttpCall(428,GET,lights,) <0x76068520>
50 08/16/20 20:05:54.102 luup_log:428: ALTHUE: debug: Calling Hue with GET , body: <0x76068520>
50 08/16/20 20:05:54.111 luup_log:428: ALTHUE: debug: request:1 <0x76068520>
50 08/16/20 20:05:54.112 luup_log:428: ALTHUE: debug: code:200 <0x76068520>
50 08/16/20 20:05:54.112 luup_log:428: ALTHUE: debug: data:{} <0x76068520>

I bit the bullet and purchased a light and I now appear to have communications and don’t see any errors in the log but I’m still unable to trigger scenes on button pushes. I’ve tried associating the buttons in the Hue Switch device with a manual vera scene but the scene never runs despite the Hue app indicating the button press has been received.

Has anyone had any luck with getting the Dimmers buttons to work to trigger scenes, or can suggest an alternate technology that actually triggers events rather than requiring polling?

A compatible zwave or zigbee remote will probably work better. There are plenty, I have a remotec one we used a lot in the previous house but 2-3 times per week in the new one, because I automate more.

My mistake was thinking that Buttons 1-4 in Hue land, equate to buttons 1-4 in Vera land.

The reality is that Hue Button 1,depending on press duration, equates to Buttons 1-4 in Vera, Hue button 2 to buttons 5-8, etc.

I’ll persevere for now but will look at different scene controllers. Does anyone have any they recommend with Australian z-wave frequencies? I would like something that resembles a light switch like the Hue Dimmers

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