Using fibaro dimmer 2 with LED light


So I know there are issues with using dimmer 2 with LED bulbs but thought i’d give it a go. Got it wired in and calibration process suggested it was all ok, it paired Ok to vera plus. Work great for about the first hour then it started to go through a cycle of on off dim off on about every 10 seconds. I was surprised it worked at all as the LED light is only 5 watts so I expected it might no dim or turn off but I can still switch it on, dim it and turn it off ( and it stays off) it’s just if I leave it on or dim it starts cycling. I’d happily get the dimmer 2 bypass but not sure if this is standard issue re LEDs or something else? just wondered if anybody else had experienced this and what worked to stop it?

Using: vera plus ui7
UK 240v
5 watt dimmable LED bulb
Fibaro dimmer 2
UK 2 wire light system


You probably need a bypass if they make one for the Dimmer 2

You need one of these things Acarmel

LED is too low power to work without one.

I’ve got some of these running now, connected in 3-wire connection to a 10W dimmable LED without Bypass 2.

No flickering, and fairly good dimming, using 5 as lowest level and 55 as highest. If i go to 2 on lowest level, I see some flickering.

Anyone see an issue with running this at less than power rating spec?

I noticed a note in the manual that you shouldnt run it below power rating in 2-wire connection, but no such note for 3-wire?

I found that if you run dimmers below specified power rating , that if you use the manual switch, the switch will stop working. It has happened to 2 devices i had. the devices still function via z-wave,. This did not happen immediately but took some time to happen, If you are below power rating add a resload to the device.

I have two dimmers 2 (fibaro) both connected to LEDs <5W, both working without problem for over a year now. There is no bypass in my config. But I have 3-wire connection (with neutral). I guess that when there are only 2 wires (without N) situation may be different.

I sent this question to Fibaro, I’ll post the response.

Response from fibaro was a bit vague, but enough for me to keep going with 10W bulb and no bypass…

My question:


I just installed Dimmer 2, and it’s connected to a 10W dimmable LED, connected in 3-wire connection.
(This is 240V EU version as I live in norway)

I found that it works well without the Bypass 2 thing, but is it still OK considering the min. 25W power rating?

I saw the note in the manual, that you shouldn’t use it below power rating in 2-wire mode, but no such note about 3-wire…?

It’s set up with minimum dimming level at 5 and maximum at 55, no flickering or bad behavoiur at all…

And the response:

If these are the settings found during the calibration then it will work correctly.
If there is no flickering or anything it will operate properly.
In case the light flickers there will be a need for bypass or a stronger light source.

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