Using panic button to trigger tasker task on android.

So this may be such a newbie question but how can I use a panic button to send an alert to my phone to trigger a task in tasker?

I have registered versions of tasker and Autovera… I just dont know how to get from Vera to Tasker…

Many thanks

What I do when I want Vera to send a message to my phone (running Tasker), is to generate a specially formatted SMS message. Tasker has a profile that is then activated when the SMS message arrives.

I use this sequence to inform my phone and Vera that I am home. When the garage door opens, an SMS message is sent. Tasker will then try to connect to my home Wifi, and if successful, sends a message back to Vera to run the “HoneyImHome” scene.

You can use Vera Alerts. I decided to use my own code to send an email from Vera to the special phone company address that converts the email to an SMS message.

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