Variable not shown

Hi, i’ve just found Reactor (v3.3 installed) and it is awesome!

I am trying to create some logic that references a value I want to store in a variable/expression however I think I am missing something really obvious. I cannot see my variable/expression in the dropdown list when I try to query it via a condition (Device State -> Reactor Sensor -> choose variable).

Is anyone able to offer advise or see what i’m doing wrong? I’ve hard refreshed my browser, tried different browsers too with no luck.

Here are some screenshots from my test Reactor sensor:



On the Variables tab, next to the variable you want to use, there’s an up/down arrow icon that turns on (when highlighted green) the exporting of the variable value. Turn that on.

Generally, you can hover over a button and it will tell you what it does. Explore!

You will then need to do something to cause a change in the value of the variable. This will cause it to write the exported device state variable on the ReactorSensor, and then you will find it in the list. (Version 3.4 upcoming simplifies this by creating the device state variable at the time you save it if it’s marked for export.)

Just a note based on your screen shots: if you are using a variable that only does a getstate() and then use that variable in a condition, that’s less efficient than using a “Device State” condition directly on the device’s state variable. I would only use the getstate() result variable if the expression was somehow going to manipulate the result so that it could be used in a condition (e.g. convert degrees C to F, scale it, etc.).

Aha, got it!

That all makes sense, thanks! And thanks for Reactor!

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