VedaEdge reset, still runs like a dog on firmware 1.7.4452


Hi All,

My Vera Edge was all cluttered up and had a bunch of apps and virtual devices I never used but experimented with when I first entered the Vera world.

So I decided to fully reset, add my devices and the few plugins I actually use in the hope of cleanind it up and being a little more stable…

Well, it didn’t work. The UI can still take up to a minute or two to load with a direct connection, a number of my devices are failing to pair properly, in that they pair and work for a little bit and then Vera loses the connection with them…

And this is strange, all of the DHS switches I have when I finally get them to pair lose there connection, but also become dead devices… the manual switch doesn’t even work. I have to remove power completely to them to let them reset and repower them up to get them responding again…

I’m lost, I submitted a ticket last week but haven’t heard back from Vera. I also emailed the DHS device manufacturer, but no response from them either…

And don’t get me started on the fibaro fgs213 or the 2x Aeotec Smart Switch 6 that just keep giving me grief…



Hello, Josh

I’m sorry to hear about this. The 7.29 experience should be so much better when compared with previous releases unless there’s something in there that makes it run poorly.

And our Customer Care team can surely have a look at this and turn things around. I’ve looked up our ticketing system and could not find any tickets using the email you’ve registered on the forum.

You can either submit a ticket using this form or PM me the email you’ve been using so I can track your existing ticket.


Hi Sorin,

Thanks for your reply. My ticket number originally is 179538.