Vera Network Check Disable - PING / HTTP

Managed on my firewall to lock down Vera access to Authd, Log, and Relay servers. Also whitelisted HTTPS access to a few APIs such as Apple iCloud and Ecobee. Notice though, that there are scripts which periodically check network access via PING and HTTP (simple port 80). For example, /usr/bin/ uses the following hosts:


How would I be able to effectively disable this? Looks like the /usr/bin/ script is on a RO squashfs so simply commenting out the logic for network testing is not possible (easily). Quite frankly, I just want to enable TCP/232 for the SSH tunnel for proxied access, and not allow these silly health checks outbound. Any thoughts?

Rafale77 is the man you want to talk to, he neutered his vera. He has been banned. if you want to contact him he is on another forum. i can not post here as would be banned. If you want the link please PM me.

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Yup, I know exactly the forum that Rafale77 is on. However, believe our approach is a bit different to this product. I dont want to stray too far from the core product, however, I would like to fix a few very essential items:

  • Disable useless health checks to the Internet. I would rather monitor my upstream next hop IP address rather than rely on 3rd party sites for monitoring. Better yet? Try to establish connection to the Vera servers, if this fails, wait some timeout period and try again.
  • Fix up NTP to use a local time source. My firewall provides the ability to chime some time from.
  • Determine if there is a way to have the iPhone app work at home if disconnected from the Internet, but using local WIFI with TCP/IP connectivity. I can open the webpage directly via web browser at the moment, but not locally.

I still want to preserve some functionality like the ability to control settings via the Alexa Vera plugin, but apart from this, restrict login access to the GUI outright to only using my personal VPN.

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