Vera notifications not substituting variables

I have the same problem, but the suggested string did not produce the expected result.
Reactor 3.7
On the Expressions screen I define an empty variable: DevLoc=
On the Activities screen I assign the variable in conditions: Set Variable DevLoc = Back
On the Status screen I see the Expression: DevLoc (no expression) “Back”
On Activities I send the alert: Notify Vera-native {DevLoc + " Door is open"}
The text messages says: ({DevLoc + " Door is open"} Door Open Alert in Locks)…

+Brad (Three weeks using reactor) :slight_smile:

Please post a Logic Summary. See the Tools tab of your ReactorSensor.

I re-read your message and saw you are not, in fact, using VeraAlerts (the thread you posted in is for VeraAlerts alerts, so I started a new thread for your message).

The native Vera notifications do not support variable substitutions. You can check the docs to see which other notifications you might be able to use.

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Thanks Rigpapa. I didn’t realize the difference between Vera-native and VeraAlerts. I’ve read the VeraAlert docs. That is a whole different rabbit hole to go down. I’ll check it out. Thanks again.

After re-thinking, I simplified my logic. I have a compound OR logic which separately checks for the Front Door or Back door tripped for longer than 60 seconds with a 15 minute NOT AND interval to re-notify. At first I had the alert being sent from the root group and assigning a variable from each of the subgroups to identify which door was open. I removed that notification and configured separate notifications from each subgroup. One for Front and one for Back. It’s working and I didn’t need to add VeraAlerts (yet). That will come in time. I’m just trying to understand how much Reactor can do first.

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