Vera or Alexa Integrated Automatic Insect control

Looking for any recommendations or devices where i can deploy an outdoor automatic Insect (mainly fly control) control that can be possibly integrated into Alexa or Vera control for on/off when only in home mode and to control insects near my main door entry’s.

Something like this plugged into a Zwave controlled receptacle or switched plug?

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Great suggestion but unfortunately i do not have easy access to mains power close to the entrances to my dwelling

Not trying to be facetious, but would one of these possibly allow you to grab power from an existing light (which I presume almost all entryways have)?

Of course, it would be easy to spend $150 solving the problem with Zwave, when a $3 part might also do the trick. This is the Vera way!!

Might be an easy fix but I see 2 issue:

  1. I would need to find a 240v for aus and they prob have regulation against this type in Australia
  2. I assume the light would have to be on to power the bug zapper and don’t really want light on all night

I don’t know Aus regulations, but I have a similar setup with a Sonoff (outside enclosure - but because it’s deployed in my garden, where WiFi is OK, but Zwave mesh is too weak) and several inside with plugs (mainly Fibaro for precious loads, NeoCoolCam for simpler one - ie TVs).

I never thought about fly control, but you gave me a nice idea for the summer :smiley:

Think I have found a product I will try that comes with remotes (I hope IR) and I can use RM mini from inside through glass window to link with Vera and home mode

Should work! Just remember that glass is the mortal enemy of IR transmission.

Pretty much what we do here in Oregon during the summer. It comes on via Z-Wave when Vera turns the outside lights on.

This works great with RM mini Ir transmitter and Vera. I now have it set to turn on (initiates 1 x spray) wait 5 seconds then turn off every hour when in home or night mode between the hours of 7am-7pm at outside our rear entrance (most used entrance). The product defaults are indoor 10mins spray and outdoor 30 second spary which are too frequent for my use and have to be manually turned on/off.
No more annoying fly inside.

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I would prefer a more eco friendly solution, How about a zapper or a strong uv light away from your door to attract them away, there are also plants that will attract or repel.

I think they loved the spicy cooking that sometimes occurs, not sure a light attractant will work during daytime and i do not have mains power near.

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