Vera plus drops off line after 7.0.29 update

My Plus has now started to drop off line since the firmware upgrade. I do not know enough about the logs to be able to tell anything from them what can I do to try and find the cause. If this does not stop I will be downgrading the unit once again. Any help is greatly appreciated.

What do you mean by dropping offline? Do you mean from the getvera website?

no internet and service lights blinking and i cannot reach unit through portal, app or direct connection.

If this happened just after the FW upgrade, you probably have a storage full problem… Time to contact CS and open a ticket. It is beyond being offline. Your vera is “bricked”.

You can check out the storage threads for potential preventive solutions but recovery will need a ticket.

@rafale77 it appears to be bricked I was on with support as you were replying. They have stated that a new unit is being sent . So we will see. I will read the post you attached. Thanks for the info.

@rafale77 the unit came back shortly after your reply (just been busy with work). I have no idea what the cause was and all has been well since. Mios had a device set to be shipped as soon as they received mine but all is good so why send unit back, that was just frustrating.