Vera remote local access

Hi all !

I will need to leave home for a long time, and as the remote access on my Vera is not reliable, I want to access to my Vera through my local network, but remotely.

Could you explain me what steps I have to do to be able to do that ?
I guess fix the IP of the Vera and open some ports ?

thank you !

The way I do it is have a server with Team Viewer running on it, and I can use a web browser on that machine to access the local Vera URL. There will be some things you cannot do without authenticating with the Mios servers.

You can also forward the Vera interface port directly to the device on your router, but that would not be advised without some rather more robust security.


i use automate an android app, it runs on a android tv box locally. I can send cloud messages to automate, and automate will forward the request locally. I use this method so i don’t have forward any ports.


@amg0, does AltUI natively support an alternative form of “remote” access that could be shoe-horned into fitting the OP’s requirements?

I realize that’s me asking a n00b question, having never installed AltUI (yet). :-/

Actually that’s a good call.

AltUI does have remote access:

But I suspect you’re leaving your LAN as open as with direct port opening. I could be totally wrong on this though as I’ve never used it due to lack of need.


It used the same remote access as ui7. Same authentication mechanism, same network connectivity ( which is a tunnel from your Vera to the Vera ‘s remote proxy servers ) , no port opening to my knowledge

That remote access is working but has limitations,

  • it is kind of slow to open so be patient and some devices icons do not display properly but the great majority works fine
  • the login portal was provided by a community member quite graciously. Not by me. You have to somehow trust it

Personally I prefer to open a vpn from my device to my home then connect using local ip adresses


Yes! Very very highly recommend this vs. all of these cloud hosted tunnels. It does take a little bit more skills but is ohh so much more reliable.

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If it uses the same tunnels, I can’t see it’ll be any more reliable than the native one the OP is having issues with?


Check your router model for a VPN connection, either IPSec or SSL. I agree this is far most secure.

How would you set up a IPSec with a mobile device when your ip is dynamic?
In my router i would have to enter this in the settings.

You need to setup a dynamic DNS.
There are many free services available. My NAS (QNAP) offers one for example.

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