Vera Skill Beta program for Amazon Alexa has ended!

Dear Beta participants,

Thank you all for participating during the Vera Skill for Amazon Alexa Beta Phase. We truly appreciate your continued beta feedback and enthusiasm.

Our vision for all Vera products and services is to work closely with the Community to shape the best experience for everyone. During this testing phase, we have been reviewing the invaluable feedback provided by all of you.
Although Closed Beta Testing has come to an end, please continue to post your feedback on our Vera Community forums.

Important Notice: All the users that participated in this Beta will be dropped from the existing Vera Development Beta Skill in the following 3 weeks.

To be able to use all the awesome new features of the Vera Skill, make sure you’ve installed the LIVE version by searching and enabling Vera Skill from your Alexa app. (Note that you will only be able to find the Live version of the Vera skill once your Beta skill will be terminated by Amazon)

Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you need support.

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Is there new functionality for Alexa?

Will unlock with verbal PIN finally work?

Being able to trigger Alexa routines from Vera device’s states would give a lot of extra functionality with probably the least Outlay or investment

Would be nice to ask the status of a device such as “is the garage light on” or “is the front door locked”.

On that topic, is there an Amazon page that lists all the possible features of the API?

And get the status of door and window sensors.

I’m confused. I’ve been using the Alexa Vera Control for a while now. What’s the difference with this Vera Skill?


We have a number of users which continued to use the development skill version of Amazon Alexa. Since the beta program has ended, we’ve been working with Amazon to transition the users to the public skill.

Development beta skill is not always the latest iteration since some of the new changes are not going yet through a beta program.

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Has the transition with amazon been completed? Long ago i disabled the beta skill and began using the “production” skill, but it is still listed as a dev skill by amazon. If i search for skills, nothing for Vera comes up but the 2 “dev” skills.

I got the email recently. Will all my devices and scenes carry over? What about Alexa routines that rely on Vera for execution?


I set my echo to a location outside US and can’t find any vera skills (production or development).

Is there any restriction about location???

Yes, all users have been removed from the dev skill ETA 22nd of August. Everyone should have received a message from Amazon. You should see Vera Control Skill if you search in the Amazon Store, otherwise please log a ticket with our Customer Care team,

Everything that was Vera side stored should carry over. I’m not sure what happens with the Alexa routines, Amazon did not mention anything about the impact on the Amazon app side.

You should see the skill if you are in one of the following localizations: English(AU,CA,GB,IN,US) French(CA,FR), German (DE), Italian(IT), Spanish (ES, MX)

Hi Sorin

Txs for the answer

I set back languaje to english and location to US…but still cant find the skill…however when I seach for vera in skills…it says 3 results found…but only shows 2…thats weird.

Can you tell me where is location and languaje configured in order to be able to use the vera skill?



is the geographical restriction imposed by vera?..when other countries gonna be able to use skill?

developer skill was working perfect…its very disappointing to see that now the official version is not available for some people.

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear about this, Vera should be visible for everyone using the supported localizations. We do not have a geographical restriction on our side unless it’s something new on Amazon side. I advise logging a ticket with our support team to see if it’s anything additionally they can do. Otherwise, I’d reach Amazon as well.

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