VeraEdge losing IP


Hello, I have a VeraEdge I purchased Sept '18 and installed early Oct '18. It has started to loose it’s connection to the internet since January. I have this unit installed in a vacation rental 400 miles from my home. I only use it to connect to my door lock and program pin codes. There are no other devices linked to it nor in the house. It was working well for a few months. It would report going down maybe once or twice a month in December '18 but would come back online within minutes or a few hours. But since January, it’s been basically a paper weight. I use this unit to program pin codes on the door lock. That part works great when the VeraEdge has internet connection. I have been at this house for the past few weeks and have power cycled the entire system (modem, router, Vera) every time it goes down. This will bring Vera back online from an hour to 6 hours, but it always goes back down.

I’ve contacted support and have a ticket open. They have ‘made a few changes’ but that has done nothing to help and now they have not responded to my case in three business days, despite my reply with updates, per their request, of when the controller has gone down.

So my question is, has anyone else experienced this and have suggestions. I have one more day at this property before I have to leave and will not be able to return until end of April or May.

I am just a home owner, not an IT professional, so high level technical detail will be hard for me to understand without a lot of Google searches. I’ve started looking at other solutions that will allow me to program a door remotely.



I knew someone a while back that was having the same sort of issue but im not sure if he ever got it fixed, however you can use the below code in a Scheduled Scene to Automatically reboot your controller which should hopefully keep the system somewhat operational until Support figures out a fix for the system.

Below you will find an image that should help you with making the Scene.

os.execute( ‘reboot’ )

Hopefully Support can fix your issue.



Sincere apologizes, I got back to you as we need a few information so we could assist you in fixing it. Please use the email thread and provide us with the requested information, we will look into it as soon as we have the details.

Also, for anyone encountering this kind of issue, please try to set a Static IP Address on your router (if Ethernet), if it’s Wireless, lock your settings so they won’t change (SSID, Password, Channel, 2.4 GHz only).
Also you should make sure that your router does not do a “daily” refresh and disconnects all devices, sometimes Vera cannot actually get an IP Address anymore as it’s not the brightest among Network Devices.




I reserved the IP address for my Vera on the router based upon its MAC address. I try to avoid static IPs and t his serves the same purpose.