VeraMobile for iOS 3.18 is now LIVE

We’re proud to announce that our VeraMobile 3.18 iOS is now LIVE.

Major improvements and bug fixing for the new VeraMobile Application - 3.18
The efforts were concentrated on improvement and stabilization.

This is a major release that includes bug fixes and improvements to all areas of the app and will result in a more stable app with improved functionality.

The top fixes include:

[ul][li]-- Stabilized pairing wizard [/li]
[li]-- Stabilized and improved flows for adding new devices, rooms, and scenes[/li]
[li]-- Improved camera streaming[/li]
[li]-- Added ability to remove snapshots and recordings and delete Hot Zones[/li]
[li]-- Eliminated known issues to improve the overall user experience[/li][/ul]

Please note that many changes were also implemented in the backend. These changes will improve the user experience but may result in errors for those using older versions of the app. Because of this, we recommend updating to v3.18 as soon as possible.

As always, the feedback we receive for our app, from our users is highly appreciated, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We’re grateful for the incredibly insightful input from our community and customers.
Thank you!

The mobile team pushed 3.20 today which, among other improvements fixes some connectivity issues for users that had special or awkward characters or symbols in user data.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Thanks @Sorin
How do we get off the beta (which is still crashing virtually daily?)



Just install the app store build.
Do you want me to remove you from the group?

Thanks. That was simple

More than happy to stay in the Beta group, but figured there would be a hiatus and being on the latest stable build would be more sensible?

FWIW App store says it’s 3.29 not 3.20?



The app store is 3.29 indeed. It has the same code base with 3.28 with a small configuration hotfix.

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Hi Adina!
We miss your nice iOSapp upgrades :smiley:

Anything new in the pipeline?

/ Mattias

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