VeraPlus strange issue with z-wave network

Hey guys…

Am I the only one having a strange issue like that with Vera.
I’m using a VeraPlus for a while, probably since day 1 of the release.

The issue I’m facing, is, out of no where, here and there, some devices are either:

  • Having a new name with a number at the end
  • Having a new device ID
  • Having an incorrect device type (the xml/json)
  • OR all of the above.

I’m already having a ticket with VERA since a couple of months with still nothing solid as the explaination/solutions.


What you are describing is the luup engine reloading, and during the reload, deleting devices and then discovering and trying to reconfigure the device.

This can be caused by: corruption of the DRAM, I now have proof of this with the ghost trips we were seeing which I believe is due to the vera updating wrong variable (in this case the “tripped” one) which gets fixed after a luup reload. Corruption of your user data… more likely in your case. It would be that your device data suddenly got corrupted and therefore the vera engine decides to dump it and regenerate it. And it does it… during the luup reload which is also why a luup reload takes so long…

You might want to check your vera for bad sectors.

that’s already one thing I suggest to Vera support and i’m waiting for another “level” of support to help me. It’s totally insane and unusable since a couple of weeks

Just to update this issue… after several months of waiting for the support to get back… after some emails telling me to wait 'cause they are checking with a higher level team…

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That’s probably the worst answer ever… so clearly, I’m moving away from vera for handling my zwave traffic!

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