Visonic App - Memory leak?

Visonic app runs for a couple of weeks then stops - Lua startup failure. Can’t get it to run again. Reload all the app files it starts up straight away for another week/couple of weeks. Rinse, repeat…

Latest & greatest versions of code - anyone any ideas?

Thanks - Chris

Are you sure it’s that plugin? One of my Veras does much the same…

Good point. I have noticed that uninstalling the Google Home App (which then reinstalls itself) can sometimes get the visonic plugin to work.

Sounds like what I experienced increasingly often with progressive firmware updates.

The issue seems to be related to the comm exception timeout function. A settings restore from online or a local backup would almost always kick it back into action.

The solution is modifying the L_Powermax,lua file to disable the comm exceptions parameter. I have not had a startup failure since.

Here is a related link, and attached is my modified .lua. It has the changes that tunnus implemented in his attachment. (23.1 KB) I suggest backing up your old one before overwriting with this one. Rename it without the parentheticals and copy it to your vera.,31613.msg243667.html

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