Wall Plug suggestion


I got 3 FGWPE/F-101. Very old school. Sometimes i loose them and i have to reconnect them. I need a new wall plug with watt monitoring. Do any of you know the a wall plug that does work and do not suddenly drop off?



DSC06106-ZWUS * Aeon Labs* Z-Wave Smart Energy Appliance Switch Zwave!

I do not think they support instant status though. Perhaps they have a updated one that does. I have several of these and they never have dropped off and they do monitor wattage.


They haven’t sold that model for a couple of years. Replaced by Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW096 ZW096-A Smart Switch 6, Small, White I believe.

Yeah, you can find them on ebay still. Looks like the updated one supports zwave plus, pricey though.

They had a nice matching dimmer as well, but discontinued that as well.

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