What is the latest version


I’m so confused! What is the latest firmware for my VeraPlus?

Here it seem to be 1.7.4001:

But here 1.7.4414:

And on my controler (Settings > Firmware) I see 1.7.4125

WTF? What is the REAL version. My Vera is so buggy…

7.0.27, meaning 1.7.4001 is the latest official build but a number of people received their units with some evolution of it which I would call 7.0.28. The last build number I know of is 4150 but apparently you got yet another one. It is interesting… I am trying to download it as we speak… I am personally running 4150 on my production unit. 4414 is in beta.

Edit: Yup downloaded it. Another one for my collection. I am now wondering if there are others in the wild…

Should update to 4150???

Where may I download it?

You can try. Here’s the link:


Huh… I discovered 3 more versions of vera plus firmwares which were never announced:

4198 nov 6 2018
4237 dec 11 2018
4285 jan 21 2019
4389 mar 27 2019

Edit: Added a 4th one. I tested all 4 and they all have the nasty luup reload bug. I am back running 4150…


I think I’ll upate to 4150

Now I’m confused :smile: If 4150 is an official version, then why is my Vera saying it is on the latest version 4125?
And are there substantial reasons to upgrade to 4150?

I honestly did not do a comparison between these two but one person received his vera plus with 4150 on it from factory so I assume that it is deemed to be stable enough.

hmm, I wonder if it’s locale-dependent, I’m on west Coast USA and my Vera is reporting “latest firmware” of 4125. I’ve been reading about the beta 4414, but nothing in there for my devices so I’ll stay put for now.

Finaly I’d update to 4453. I’ll see if the things will work fine…

OUP!!! Now nothing is working. Veraplus is dead. Not access on local network… I’m in sh…

Memory probably.

Hard reset and restore from backup for a start. Support can help


Thanks after several hard reset and reboot everything is working

Huh my Plus is on 4453. Its a new unit and had another version out of the box (I don’t remember which). One of the first things I did was update it to the latest it showed, but I wasn’t really paying attention to versions. My 4453 seems to work ok except that the install apps list won’t load most of the time (the apps I have not installed).

“Install Apps” is reading from the Vera apps servers. The slow loads are a known issue which is supposed to be resolved by an upgrade to the app servers. Sometimes you need to try a few times in a row.

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Indeed, it doesn’t look like a firmware problem. That page pings the mios servers. If it loads from time to time and not all the time, it is definitely either the server or your internet connection. Make sure your firewall isn’t blocking it also even temporarily (some communication errors can cause the firewall to block certain IPs).

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Ohhh I feel much better then. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I mean I know Vera, but then you never know Vera. LOL

Thanks for the info. The few times it did work I was able to download all I needed, so its more of a nuisance now just knowing it isn’t working all the time. I’ll live!