Which camera should I buy

I don’t have any previous experience with IP cameras. but I’d like to set up a monitoring system around the outside of my home. I have run ethernet cables to the locations where I want my cameras. I think I’m going to have 5 in total.

I assume the Ethernet cable I can run power over ethernet.

I wondered what you guys would recommend I buy. I would like something that provides a good quality image both day and night and has the resolution for example to read a number plate on a car.

What formats do people recommend bullet or Dome. dome appear attractive as they seem to have a covering which might help prevent vandalism, but that’s just my guess as I don’t have any real experience.

Looking forward to your thoughts and recommendations for manufacturer and specifications etc.

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Was another of your criteria that the camera interoperate with Vera (which controller?)? Or will you be doing all your recording and viewing through a separate ecosystem like BlueIris, an Android app, or the camera system’s own NVR?

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I’d like to be able to integrate with Vera. So I can view in the Vera app and use them as motion detectors. I do plan at some point to use something like blue iris. I don’t want to use the cameras own systems. At present I still have a veralite but I’m shortly going to upgrade.

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I recently integrated two Hikvision cameras in to Vera for virtual motion sesnor devices using the cameras onboard PIR detection alerts.

It wasn’t so easy to setup however if you read my comments on this thread.

I’d advise on not adding lots of cameras into any Vera hub however, especially on a lower powered Veralite.

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