Why the same devices look different?

Hello, I’ve tried asking this question already, but don’t think I explained properly. I have 6 Stelpro Maestro thermostats SMT402. I have a screen shot of all 6. They are all the exact same type of thermostat, and I installed them in the exact same way both physically, and on the Vera controller. As you’ll see from the screen shot, 2 of the thermostats have ‘‘extra controls’’. Can anyone explain why this is the case, and if so, how to bring them all in line with each-other


They might be different revisions which have slightly changed features and thus are detected differently by Vera.
In any case, our Customer Care team should be able to help you answer this. Just hit the “need help” button in the header of this forum.

Thanks for the response. I did buy them over the course of a year, so indeed they may be slightly different.

I’ll contact customer care. Cheers,

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