WWN (Nest) Plugin? Google broke it and tells me Vera has to fix it

What’s the deal with the WWN plugin? I’m on with Google support because they seem to have broken compatibility. They tell me Vera has been invited to update to the new program, but haven’t accepted.

Does anyone know what the real story is on the Vera side of things? Thanks!

As far as i can tell Ezlo is not interested in updating any Vera plugins. They are doing firmware for Vera, but it seems only to integrate Ezlo back end/server compatability.

There was a discussion in another thread as well about this. Apparently they try to shift the responsibility to Vera but I don’t have exact information either.

Nest was bought by Google, and the developer API was migrated to a new platform. Google invited all existing devs to join the new platform, but evidently Vera hasn’t done so. I blame Google as much as Vera here, but there is no changing Google. I don’t know what the deal is with Ezlo buying Vera, but I’m getting pretty effing tired of spending money on things that are then rendered useless by acquisitions.

The plugin still works for me. I think migrating to Google which I was prompted to do in the past would have broken it but I never migrated. New nest installations may not have a choice.

Hi Guys,

Could anyone advice. I have 2nd. gen. Nest Termostat working fine with Vera Plus and I am planing to purchase 2nd. Nest unit but now 3rd. gen. my question is “is this now possible to integrate 2nd. Nest due to above issue?”

If you don’t migrate your account, you’ll be fine.

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I have not migrated my account. I still log in with my Nest credentials at nest.com.

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