Yale Door Lock with Autovera

Hello guys,

I need your help please. I am trying to use Tasker + Autovera in combination with a Yale Door lock. My intention is based on the user pin code entered to run certain commands and/or scenes.

I got it working within Vera where a specific user pin code is entered, the predefined scene starts.

Now I am trying to have my cell phone to do certain actions within Tasker when a specific user pin code is entered. Here is my problem that I am facing:

If you look at the screenshot you will see a summary of the door lock when I select the Variable within the device properties selecting service “Door lock”. It offers a variety of variables to choose from.

The ONLY two I got working so far are “Status” and “Lock Failure”. This is also reflected in the log file from AutoVera which I am also attaching. None of the other events get logged into the AutoVera log file which implies to me that I cannot track wrong pin code, correct pin code, etc. I am hoping that I am wrong.

So my question here is: “Can I trigger a certain task in Tasker if a specific pin code is entered?” I want to be able to run task A when family member A enters his/her pin code and I want to run task B when family member B enters his/her pin code.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

My suggestion would be to create a Virtual Switch that toggles On when a specific pin is entered. This scene would be created within Vera.

You can then use the status of the Virtual Switch with an AutoVera Status Update profile in Tasker, so when the pin is entered the Virtual Switch goes on and sends the status update to your phone so you can react in Tasker. You would of course set up a virtual switch for each user. To keep things simple, add a few seconds delay and turn the VS Off after it’s turned on, or send the command to reset the switch from your Android device using Tasker.

Interesting idea. To save memory I don’t want to create a virtual switch for each user as my system is already slow enough. Is there a combo switch which I could use for that?

Pseudomizer, can you post how you can detect which pin code is entered into the Yale lock?

Can you also detect if it is unlocked from the inside?

Using the AutoVera application on my cell phone and enable “Status change” for the door lock device, it reports immediately as you can see above with the screenshots when I manually unlock the door lock from the inside or it also reports when I type in the code and the door lock unlocks.

As you can see in the log screenshot it only reports on status change for lock or unlock. I tried the other variables but none of those change with the exception of the door lock failure which kind of makes sense as the door wasn’t able to lock or unlock properly hence it reports a status change.

What I am after is the event of “PIN entered” via AutoVera. My Vera 3 does recognize properly if any PIN code has been entered and I can do certain actions but I want notifications to go to Tasker on my cell phone.

The one proposal above is an interesting one and I will play around with that and see what I can do with that.

There is a modified version of the I_AutoVera.xml that includes support for MultiSwitches. In your scenario, you would only need one MultiSwitch to accommodate up to 8 different users.

Here is where you can find the updated XML, along with instructions for use: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,25901.msg183591.html#msg183591

Let me know if you need any help implementing, or if you have any other questions.

I also can’t get the pin code entered using autovera U7 version 1.12 and current playstore version. Autovera doesn’t pick up if a pin code used, it just retrieves status changed to 1 or 0. I informed Vera support of the locking feature of the lock using keypad last year which they implemented :slight_smile:

Alarm Reports: Manual Lock
Alarm Type: 0x15

Alarm Level: 0x01
Description: By key cylinder or inside thumb turn

Alarm Level: 0x02
Description: By touch function (lock and leave)

I have tried multi switch but can’t seem to get that to work. Tried setting up the multi switch app but lost interest when it wouldn’t work. Should I use the option ‘Pin codes’ or ‘user codes’? And what would the variable be if I did chose one of options. Cheers

Curious if anyone has been able to get detailed status as described above?

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