Zooz zwave power strip

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I just opened my 1st zooz zwave power strip.

1st my comment.
the instructions are not very clear.
for inclusion they say to press and hold the power button.
well there is no power button. there is a strip on/off switch
and 5 on/off outlet buttons.
but not a single pressable power button. (like there is on the aeon strips)
i found on a web site it says to use channel/outlet 1
but through trial, you can use any of the 5 outlet buttons.
pressing and holding does nothing. it has to be a quick 2-3 press on/off sequence and then you can include/exclude.
but wanted to throw that out there incase anyone ran into that and was confused.

my question is:
for anyone that has one, can you turn all the outlets on/off?
the smartesthome website says you can, but when mine was discovered
i get 6 devices. the master which controls outlet 1 and then 5 others which control 1-5
so i basically have 2 switches that control outlet 1

is that the same experience as everyone has or is there a fix for controlling all the outlets at once?

I just picked up this power strip. I added it to my VP and it shows up as a single channel. Did you have to do anything to get it to show the other receptacles?

did you try the 2-3 second press on one of the outlets?
i think i just added it as a generic z wave device.
i have 3 of them and all are working fine, but still have the double outlet one switch for each of them.

I think I didn’t give it enough time. After a couple more resets, everything showed up. Like you, however, I have to channel 1 switches - neither controls the whole strip. Other than an annoyance, It’s not a deal breaker.

Sure wish I’d known that this thing doesn’t resume to last power state after an outage. All of the other Zooz switches I had do, and ASSumed this does as well.

I just got one of these today and will be including/installing it tonight. Has anyone looked into the variables to see if there is a change to make resume last state after power loss work differently? Is it also possible that variable adjustments could change the function of the extra outlet 1 spot? I’ll play with it and see for myself as well. I might hit up the lady from smartesthome who did tell me to e-mail her if I had any questions or configuration concerns.

let us know what you find. i just added a 4th to my collection. but it is on devices that don’t really require static states, after power loss (rare for me anyways)
but would still be nice to know

I went ahead and spoke to Agnes to get the skinny on this.

In the current version of the Power Strip there is no settings to adjust how the ports behave after a power failure. There is also no way for the parent device to automatically turn on and off all child devices. Last night I already programmed a set of scenes that would toss the whole strip on or off just so I had the pieces ready.

She did say that they have had the question about power failure options in the past and they are looking at possible implementation in a future revision of the strip.

You can see this thread for some suggestions to get Vera to set the switches to the state you want after a power failure. Not as nice as the switch itself doing it, but better than nothing: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php?topic=47102.0

Unplug the zooz stip and set vera into inclusion mode then plug the strip in…Mine included automatic…The master switch is the pairing button also…Three clicks should get you included also

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