Zwave Interview Process - Dynamic Integration of all zwave devices

Ezlo works with command classes and Zwave Interview process vs Looking for ID of a device to see if its integrated with the controller.
This works with making sure Command classes are coded and enabled in the controller.
Zwave interview process will work by Zwave controller asking the device about its Command Classes capabilities.
This will provide Dynamic Integration for any zwave supported device!

You can see all the Command Classes we support here

This capability of Ezlo controllers should provide you a “Dynamic Integration” with all Zwave devices.


This? //z-waveme/z-way/

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typo…thanks for identifying…

Two things that invariably cause all my sphincters to pucker:

  1. “Simply open the Linux command line…”
  2. “You must pay in Rubles.”
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Meh. Number one is simple.

I find myself going back to Windows after > 17 years on Macs and Linux.

I mean genuinely WTAF? I mean logs?!


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