Any SolarEdge monitor plugins?

I’m getting ready to do a 7.28kw system and debating between Enphase or SolarEdge inverters. Leaning toward SolarEdge at this point but didn’t see anything on their monitoring and Vera but a few Enphase.

I’d love to know this too! :slight_smile:

My system is up but not found a way. Be nice to be able to calculate solar output and consumption difference automatically


Here is the API documentation from them. You can use that and the Enphase one to develop one for SolarEdge.

Cheers Rene

Wondering if anyone got this up and running. We just installed solar a few months ago with a solar edge system and I can see this being useful.

SolarEdge here too! A plug in would be great :slight_smile:

Bump for another SolarEdge user that would be willing to help troubleshoot/test any plugin for this.


Have you thought of using TED6000. See


See this thread for a potential workaround,34908.0.html

The SolarEdge inverter uploads solar production data to PVOutput. Then you create a Vera power meter device to read the production data from PVOutput.

It’s not as good as a dedicated plugin but it’s better than nothing!

Thanks, it appears I don’t have a API SiteKey so I have to request that from our installers. I’ve never made a plugin or messed with someone else’s but I’m looking at this ENVOY one that someone else made and I don’t think it would be terribly difficult to hack it up to work with the SolarEdge APIs. If I can get it to a point to report the basics (current output for my site, daily, lifetime, etc), i’ll be sure to share it here.

Yes, you need to get the API key from the installer.

It would be great if the Envoy plugin could be modified to work.

Best of luck - I’ll monitor this thread with interest!

OK, so I spent a lot more time than it should have taken and all I really did was hack apart someone elses work (reneboer here on the boards – thanks for creating the Envoy one!) to make this work but it is working for me. I was starting from square 1 though so I’ll cut myself a little slack.

This is EXTREMELY basic, it just pulls in the current data being reported by your SolarEdge site and uses the existing PowerMeter files to display the current watts and then a value you choose in the KWH field.

So for my example, I have a device called SolarEdge MonthToDay that displays the current (within 5 mins polling) watts being reported by my SolarEdge and then the MonthToDay KWH being reported next to it. I starting going the path of customizing a JSON file but it didn’t display right on VeraMate so Im fine with this basic hacked together solution using the existing PowerMeter files.

I can’t offer much in the way of support but it works on my VeraLite with the latest UI7 beta firmware. As long as you can get your SolarEdge data from the following URL:
Then this little plugin should bring that data into your Vera for you to see.

To Install:
Upload the I_SolarEdgePower1.xml file attached here via Apps --> Develop apps --> Luup files --> Upload
Then Create device via Apps --> Develop apps --> Create device

Use the following settings:
Description = SolarEdge Current (or what you like)
Upnp Device Filename = D_PowerMeter1.xml
Upnp Implementation Filename = I_SolarEdgePower1.xml

Reload the lua a couple times it seems to help and wait a minute for the device to show up and to load the variables. Once installed, go to “Advanced” in device settings, then the ‘Variables’ tab. Hopefully you the following variables show up:
SiteID (Put your Site ID here)
API (Put your site API key here)
KWHDisplay (Current / Today / MTD / Lifetime)
—This variable controls what number shows up in the KWH on the dashboard of the plugin. I use MTD as it gives me a quick at a glance what my solar generation is against the internal energy monitor above it on my dashboard for MTD.

If the variables don’t show, give it a minute and reload the lua again and wait a minute, they should eventually show up in there.

Save the variables to the device and reload again and hopefully it should start pulling in the data. Note - I was having a heck of a time getting the device to save the variables. Maybe being inpatient, I don’t know but it did take a few times of entering each variable then saving, reloading then going back in and adding the next one. Once they are saved it seems to work.

The plugin is set to refresh the data every 5 minutes to keep you under the 300 api hits a day that SolarEdge gives you.

Again, nothing fancy, good enough for my curiosity at this point, hopefully someone more seasoned will create a richer plugin. Most credit goes to rboer/Jacob/robertgabrielson for providing the Envoy one. Apologies if any of my crappy coding offends anyone. :slight_smile:

Well done! My Vera3 is playing up after a recent firmware upgrade (sigh…) but as soon as I sort that out I’ll give this plugin a go!

:smiley: great!! I installed the plugin and it is working fine, now i can use current power in scenes, happy

Well done! I use my Envoy Watts readings in several scenes and LUA code (sunscreen control, heating fine tuning) so enjoy those and other possibilities.

Cheers Rene

Wow - you made my day! I was hesitant to share the file not being a real developer but knowing even 1 person used it successfully made it all worth it. Thanks for letting me know!

Ok. So I’ve installed the plug-in according to the instructions. The device has appeared and I’ve set the variables but it doesn’t seem to be pulling any data.

If i insert my site number and API into the url I get the data but the plugin doesn’t seem to be able to get it. I’ll keep trying but let me know if you’re got any ideas.

It’s working! Not sure what I did but now it’s pulling the data from Solar Edge.

Well done! Thanks for putting this together.

[quote=“jamac, post:18, topic:189086”]It’s working! Not sure what I did but now it’s pulling the data from Solar Edge.

Well done! Thanks for putting this together.[/quote]

It may take up to 5 minutes to poll. Glad its working for you!

Ok, so I took a similar approach to cmille34, basically hacked apart the envoy plugin.

It’s really basic and might not offer anything more than cmille34’s good work. Basically the plugin displays as in the attachment. Would this be useful to anyone?

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