Samsung Smart Home Plugin

I tried the Samsung Appliances / Samsung Home App on my phone and it is asking for a password to log into the WiFi broadcast by the vacuum to complete set up. I know I had this working a year or so ago but not now. Is this dead? I think I’m talking to myself and am getting lonely in here.

I’d expect that yes, it is dead.


As far as I remember, Samsung killed the API access on this one. Can’t find the “news” now.

since two weeks ago, it doesn’t work with my air conditioners … can anyone help with this plugin?

Samsung Appliances : Error occured when performing desired action!

I had 2 air conditioning units working for years… now nothing. I wish to know if the developer of this API still working on it or not… and why Vera doesn’t look at it since we’re many users of this App…

exactly like me

This plugin is important. it doesn’t make sense to have air conditioning with wifi and not be able to add it to my vera system. I have 46 devices and sensors in vera and I can’t add one of the main brands of air conditioners that already has wireless. I wanted a home automation system that could work with air conditioning. so i bought samsung because of the plugin and now nobody wants to know

Samsung’s appliances have move from the Smarthome App to Smartthing App… the old one is not working anymore… Work Ok with the new one… but we can not get it work with Vera.

Any update on this.

Just purchased a Samsung washer and dryer hoping to utilize the smart home functionality and connect to my existing Vera system only to find out the connection app no longer works since Samsung removed the Smart Home app April 20 2020 and migrated everything over to use SmartThings only.

But we don’t have a Vera plugin that works with that.

Anyone know how we can get WF45R6300AV/US Washer and DVE45R6300V/A3 dryer to be connected and controlled with Vera?

Samsung has forced 2 factor authentication. Now my Samsung Smart home shows “can’t detect device”. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone have a fix?

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