VERA Edge ID number of devices


I understand that the ID number of every new device that is included in the VERA Edge controller is always increased by one from the last used one. This mean that the old IDs of possible excluded devices are never used.

This implies, specially when one is testing new devices and in newbies installation that the ID number is increasing very fast. For putting an example, I own a total of only 30 devices including “parents” and “childs”, but the last ID number assigned was 120 !!! 8)

Is 256 the limit of devices VERA Edge supports? or is 256 the highest ID number a device can take in VERA Edge?

Most important, is there any way to reset the ID numbers re-using the excluded and so, non used and free ID numbers without having to do a “factory reset” of the controller and having then to re-include all the devices and re-define all the scenes, alertes, commands, parameters, procedures, etc. etc. already defined?




IIRC, the Vera device number is at least a signed 32-bit integer in current firmware (it may even be unsigned), and so can grow quite large (over 2 billion if signed, over 4 billion if unsigned–even if it’s only a 16-bit integer, that would still be a minimum of 32767 devices). The Z-Wave node number is smaller at 8 bits unsigned, but the number of Z-Wave nodes is usually much smaller, and these are reused, so unless you try to jam more than 250 Z-Wave devices into your Edge’s configuration, you’re unlikely to have an issue there.



There is a number of device numbering schemes in the vera so you will have to distinguish and treat them accordingly:

  1. The zwave device id. It is under the parameter “altid” of the device. This enumeration is managed by the zwave chip/radio and runs its own firmware. It is limited to 232 devices and the numbering starts at 1 (the radio itself) and goes up 1 at a time until you reach 232 and then goes back to 1 and assigns unassigned numbers from there. each zwave network is therefore limited to 231 devices+the radio.
  2. The vera host controller itself enumerates a separate device parameter “id” which from what I can tell is likely limited to 65532. It includes all devices on the vera: zigbee, plugins, virtual and child devices. There is a hidden parameter in your user database: “Device_Num_Next” which you can change in order to bring it back down if you have a lot of unused numbers below your highest device id. You can do so by running the lua code: luup.attr_set(“Device_Num_Next”, the number you want to set)

I believe this is documented somewhere between the wiki and the forum. It is regrettable that the device numbering is not better managed but ALTUI helps a great deal…

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Thanks so much for your answer. Being a newbie in this Z-Wave and VERA world it was somehow a problem to be cleared and you did it.

Thanks again and kind regards