Subject: UI7 - Vera Firmware Update - Version 7.0.31 hot fix (1.7.4969/1.7.4970/1.7.4971) - March 2nd, 2020

We’ve released today the hot fix for the 7.31 firmware for the Vera controllers:


  • Fixed the issue reported after the initial 7.31 FW Live release with wattage and kwh values not being displayed in the Web UI and iOS app.

For the full list of fixes and new features of the 7.31 FW please check the 7.31 release page.


upgrade was ok for my Edge. Watts are back.

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Will this be automatically be pushed?

It is already pushed. I upgraded via the Web UI.

Updated, appears to be no issues.

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Hot fix installed smoothly for me.

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Update smooth from beta on Vera Plus

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No problems applying hot fix firmware on my Vera Plus and Edge.

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All good here too - watts are back. :slight_smile:

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Easy update and watts back everywhere for me across shutters, HEM, lights etc (even a Spirit TRV that is wireless and doesn’t have power metering is displaying 0.0 watts - not sure that’s right though :slight_smile: )

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hot fix applied to VeraEdge, no issues so far…

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Upgraded Vera Edge successfully from 1.7.4832 (7.30) to 1.7.4969 (7.31hotfix). Took about 10 mins.

Thanks for early updaters to find any issues :grimacing: I waited until hotfix is available and looking ok.

only issue so far, I see these errors:

RAServerSync::SyncPlugins failed to sync*removed*&Plugins=8301,7246,8151,5836,8066,8871,8840,6196,2998,8526,8231,3426,9111,9092,9066,

the mentioned page doesn’t work.

I just upgraded to 7.0.31on a Vera Plus. All Hue units disappeared. I can still turn all ON and OFF together via the Phillips Hue 2 plugin. Upgrade was uneventful. What should I do to get the units back?

Argh, I just noticed mine have vanished too! :man_facepalming:

I updated the hotfix last night. No issues to report. Still monitoring the LUUP reloads but I will report that next week. I had also forgot to mention, to fix the constant reboots, I took out the USB drive. Perhaps this weekend I’ll plug it back in.

It took a lot longer than 15 minutes but I’m up again. I’ll monitor and report any issues that may come.

hot fix applied to VeraPlus, no issues so far… Hue Devices stil there (Using ALTHue).

I think the issue is the Hue 2 app is broken. I’ve switched to the ALTHue app and now renting is working fine.

just did the update from 7.029… all good. web interface much more responsive. all devices back on and the power usage is showing …just need to check the geofencing tomorrow… :)…

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